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Welcome to the SNIFFER Project website – a pan-European research collaboration funded by the European Union.

SNIFFER : a bio-mimicry enabled artificial sniffer

Launched in February 2012, the SNIFFER project deals with the capture and analysis of odours as it offers significant potential for border security applications related to the detection and analysis of persons, illegal substances and in particular explosives. Dogs can only be trained for a small sample of odours, get easily tired and are often perceived as intrusive by the public.

The SNIFFER project proposes a highly innovative one-stop shop approach to complement dogs and leverage their capabilities.

This approach is based on state-of-the-art technologies centred on a new generation of olfactory biosensors. The SNIFFER devices to be developed combine in a one-stop shop sampling, pre-concentration and pre-treatment with bio-mimicry, synthetic diamond sensor technology and multi-parametric training software. This will enable the detection of odours arising out of security threats which may occur in a panel of border security applications.

Gathering 14 partners and following a multidisciplinary collaboration of several years between international research teams, the SNIFFER Project will hence open the road towards a promising market place for "artificial sniffing" centred border security solutions and for olfactory applications in general.